Criminal Attorney

Detroit Metro Attorney, Christopher Kolomjec, has earned a reputation for his aggressive representation as a hard-hitting lawyer. He asks tough questions and knows how to build a winning strategy at trial. He knows the law, he knows the system, he understands what his clients are going through and knows how to get the best results for them. At this firm we are dedicated to providing each client with the highest caliber of representation and client service. If you have been charged with a crime, then it is in your best interests to have an experienced and dedicated legal advocate fighting on your side. Attorney Christopher Kolomjec is experienced in defending all major felony and misdemeanor cases in federal, state and juvenile courts in Michigan. As a former United States Attorney, Judge Advocate General and Prosecutor. Mr. Kolomjec learned the system from both sides. He knows the prosecutors, he knows the judges, he knows the system. As the Principal of his firm, Christopher Kolomjec personally handles every case. You will never be assigned to a junior associate or outside contractor, but will work exclusively with a highly experienced attorney who will bring you the extensive experience to each and every case.
One of the most important actions to take when facing any type of criminal charges is to consult a criminal defense lawyer. You need to know what legal rights you have, what your options are in fighting your charges. Law enforcement is not on your side. They will seek to gather evidence, information, or perhaps a confession to secure your fate. Even when trying to cooperate you may inadvertently say or do something which is self-incriminating. You need a lawyer experienced in criminal defense to protect your rights and help you from making a fatal mistake. Taking on cases throughout Michigan, our firm is confident that we can give you the valuable guidance and advise you need. We carefully and thoroughly prepare each case for the defense, no matter how serious the charges. This preparation often results in discovering strong defense opportunities that can be exploited in the battle for the defense of your case.
We take pride in our reputation as hard-hitting and skilled lawyers. Our firm can assist clients charged with virtually any type of misdemeanor or felony criminal offence whether in state or federal court. We also handle cases involving alleged probation violations, we can assist those facing bench warrants or arrest warrants and are experienced in filing criminal appeals after a wrongful conviction on first sentencing. In addition we offer knowledgeable representation through the expungement process for those wishing to clear their criminal record. You may be facing false allegations of domestic violence, may have been arrested for a DUI or drug possession or may have been under investigation for fraud or a similar white collar crime. No matter what your circumstances, we have the knowledge and resources necessary to properly address your charges.