A third of young couples struggled to emotionally support each other in lockdown

There’s no denying that the past few months have been incredibly tough – but it seems the pandemic has had a significant emotional impact on couples.

New research, conducted by the relationships charity Relate, shows couples have experienced relationship difficulties during the pandemic.

Out of the 2,058 UK adults surveyed, more than a third of those aged 16-34 said they struggled to support their partner emotionally during lockdown.

More than one in four (28%) of the same age group said they were worried about how their relationship would change once lockdown was lifted – compared to 17% across older age groups.

But it seems young couples have other concerns about lockdown lifting, too.

More than a fifth (23%) of couples aged 16-34 said they were worried jealousy would become an issue in their relationship when lockdown ends and nearly a third stated they were concerned they would feel lonely when their partner stops working from home.

The study did, however, shine a light on some positives as well.

One in 10 respondents across all ages said that lockdown has helped them to realise they want to propose to their partner.

What’s more, 41% of male respondents and 35% of women reported they felt more comfortable having honest and open conversations with loved ones about difficult topics.

It seems family bonds appear to be strengthened, too, with 45% saying they felt emotionally closer to their parents and 41% saying they’ve realised how much their folks mean to them.

Elsewhere, another recent study found that 41% of couples have been having less sex than usual, since lockdown hit.

Of course, anxiety is playing havoc on a lot of people’s sex lives at the moment – but there are a number of things which can be done to help.