The UK’s most beautiful secret beaches

We’re getting to the point of desperation with our getaway longing now.

Lockdown has made 2020 feel impossibly long, and we are all in dire need of some sun, sand and sea. But with foreign travel still proving tricky, most of us will end up looking for a summer escape here in the UK.

Luckily, this island is home to some incredible beauty spots, hidden gems and stunning beaches – worthy of any #WishYouWereHere Instagram post. analysed the data to discover the UK’s hidden gems by finding the least tagged beaches on Instagram – meaning they are less likely to be jam-packed.

By collecting the number of hashtags, the study identified the UK’s most beautiful secret escapes for your post-lockdown beach getaway.

The stunning Coves Haven beach topped the list with only four hashtags. The high sand dunes and steep cliffs provide a beautiful view of Holy Island’s coast. If you’re lucky enough to visit this secluded paradise, at low tide you will be greeted by glistening rock pools.

The 27 hashtags make the award-winning Strathy Bay in the Scottish Highlands even more unique.

The beach has the River Strathy on one side and the north coast’s spectacular cliffs on the other side, making it unsurprising when it was nominated as one of Scotland’s best beaches in 2019.

Make room for another award-winning gem: Rumbling Kern with 244 hashtags.

This secret beach is hidden behind cliffs that face inland from the sea, making it ideal for a peaceful gateway.

Renowned for its waterfalls and fells, The Lake District also houses breathtaking spots on its coastline.

Drigg is definitely a rare find and the most popular of the least tagged beaches, garnering 658 hashtags.

The top 15 secret beach locations in the UK
Coves Haven, Holy Island

Strathy Bay, Highland

Shepherd’s Chine, Isle of Wight

West Voe, Shetland Islands

Sinclairs Bay, Highland

Gammons Head Beach, Devon

Porthbeor, Cornwall

Rumbling Kern, Northumberland

Speke’s Mill Mouth, Devon

Langamull Beach, Isle of Mull

Fidden, Isle of Mull

Traeth Mawr, Glamorgan

Traeth Bychan Beach, Anglesey

Traeth Llyfn, Pembrokeshire

Drigg, Lake District


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